Suitable for: F.3 – F.6

Our New Senior Secondary English Course (for HKDSE) provides a comprehensive environment in learning English for students, so that they can be well prepared when applying university and understand the use of English at work, which is a life-long learning strategy.

Therefore, our course does not only focus on exam techniques, but also to enhance the English usage on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Unlike ordinary way of teaching at other English schools, Elite English provides a special learning environment with a two-way communication between teachers and students. We are more willing to strengthen students’ English proficiency in order to develop their confidence to attain an outstanding result in HKDSE.

HKDSE Preparation Course Features

  • Understand the essence of grammar usage to master the use of speaking and writing in English.
  • Establish a common lexicon in order to cope with different topics in exams.
  • Develop skills in expressing views and suggestions.
  • Through different role-playing games to correct students’ pronunciation and intonation, at the same time to get rid of “Hong Kong-style pronunciation” problem.
  • Learn problem-solving skills through group activities.
  • Improve teamwork spirit and to consolidate communication skills.

Mock Exam

Our class size is prescribed for no more than 9 students and our classes are all taught by foreign instructors. We assure there is enough interaction in the classroom so that students will be more involved and active to learn. Even they can make it easier to grasp the New Senior Secondary (NSS) oral and written exam tips.


Why only maximum 9 students in a class?

Before the end of each semester, Elite English will hold a mock exam according to the actual HKDSE exam papers. When students understand their English proficiency clearly, they can have more practices for their weaknesses and to reinforce their level of English as well.


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