Quirky (adj.)
Unusual and odd, but in a good way.

Gimmick (n.)
Something that is meant to impress but is not very useful.

Vanity (n. / adj.)
Being too interested in yourself and your appearance.

Etiquette (n.)
Acceptable and expected behaviour in a particular situation.

Bugbears (n.)
Things that annoy or irritate you.
(to have) a head for heights:
A feeling of being comfortable in high places.

Beauty is only skin deep:
Someone’s character is more important than how they look.

Don’t hold your breath:
Phrase meaning: “don’t expect that a particular good thing will happen”.

Code of conduct:
Set of rules about how to behave in a certain situation.

Stuck in a rut:
Become too fixed in one kind of job or situation in life.
Beer belly:
Slang expression describing a fat stomach, often caused by drinking too much beer over a long period of time.

A big no-no:
Something most people don’t like.

Slurping (v.)
Making a loud sucking noise when you drink something.

Freeze-dried (adj.)
(of food) quickly frozen and dried to preserve it.

Hunk (n.)
Strong, muscly and attractive man.
* Muscly (adj.) musclier; muscliest; same as muscular.
Sprung up:
Suddenly appeared.

Thrown up:
Built or made quickly and without much care.

to stave off:
To stop or keep away an unpleasant feeling.

to spur on:
To encourage someone to do something.

to cope with:
To deal with a situation successfully.

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