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This week we have a look at probably the singular most common mistake in HK-Chinglish that basically all of the candidates who fall below a 7.0 invariably make.

The following essay was written by a working HK professional in the IT industry who is currently targeting a 7.0 yet consistently achieves only a band 6.0.
✅❎ James’ comment on the student’s work:

The most common mistake the candidate, like so many others, repeatedly makes, is incoherence due to confusing the singularity or plurality of subject verb, indicated repeatedly in the essay by an S unequal to a P for singular and plural dissonance.

Next the candidate makes parsing errors, confusing verbs with nouns and in the process likewise confusing prepositions, all now corrected.

Spelling errors are not tolerated at the 7.0 band level.
Lexical Resource is somewhat limited and while not an absolute disqualification, nonetheless the candidate could benefit by improving the lexical arsenal.
Some very serious errors of solecism, or flat out broken sentences, are noted, and corrected, indicating the candidate’s gaucherie or inability at handling more complex sentence structures.

While some complex sentences are evident, many of these are arbitrary and inept clearly evidence of the candidate’s attempt at complex sentences merely for the sake of it without clear understanding of the nuance and syntax of the English language.

Finally, some third person singular conjugation errors are noted.

A single instance of singular plural incoherence, or third person singular error, or parsing error, will immediately lower an otherwise acceptable 7.0 down to a 6.0 and
only IF the candidate has a preponderance of watertight complex sentences will it then be upgraded to a 6.5, but in any case, all singular plural incoherence, third person singular, parsing, or use of infinitives instead of proper conjugation and participle, as well as indefinite article singular usage versus plural, are game over headshots as far as a 7.0 is concerned.

This essay is consistent with a 6.0, despite the presence of a modicum of complex sentences, which are the only saving grace that did not render the essay a 5.5.
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