【 James’ Tips🔑】

【 James’ Tips🔑】
This week we will take a look at a very typical example of a reasonably proficient second language English speaker who is also a Hong Kong working professional.
The candidate is targeting an 8.0 yet due to making some of the most common ‘HK-Eng’ mistakes, is therefore only a the global average for females level of 6.0 in writing.
Can you spot the most damaging mistake?
📝📝<<Student sample (as shown)>>
✅❎James’ comment on the student’s work:
The candidate’s task achievement, and coherence and cohesion, are sound.
A conspicuous lack of complex sentence structures is decisive in lowering the mark, which coupled with a patent lack of more sophisticated lexical items, results in the band’s foregone conclusion.
However, the worst and most common mistake the candidate has made, is the repeated incoherence of singular and plural conjugation between subject verb and object. This is even more damaging to the spelling errors, lack of sign posting through the use of discourse markers, inept use of prepositions, or unnatural and inappropriate lexical choices.
Would you like to try?💯
Submit your task today for assessment. Must be submitted before the end of the day’s business hours.
Assessment will be emailed back to you.
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