【 James’ Tips🔑】

【 James’ Tips🔑】
“How can I get a high band (7.0) in IELTS?”, many students ask.
Having a strong introductory paragraph is a good start.

🗣James’ comment on the student’s work:
– It is not necessary nor desirable in fact, to start every single Task 2 essay with “controversial / hot topic”. The phrase is hackneyed or has been used to death by all the candidates. Just don’t use it, if you want to sound different that is.
– Single plural incongruence right from the beginning is a nice head shot. The chances of surviving a head shot though not non-existent, remain slim.
– Lexical resources evident.
– Incorrect prepositional usage.
– Linking evident. Some linking arbitrary.
– Some collocation issues.
– Some range carelessness.
– “Tendencies / the tendency”. Lack of awareness regarding the indefinite article, the definite article, or plurality, remains the more persistent problem you are struggling with.
– Some good descriptives.
– Continue to bolster your lexical repertoire.
– Tighten up accuracy with grammatical range, as well as try extending it.

Would you like to try?💯
Submit your Task 2 Introduction sample today for assessment. Must be submitted before the end of the day’s business hours.
Assessment will be emailed back to you.
📧 info@hkeel.hk

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