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Suitable for: F.1 – F.2

Facing a brand new 3-3-4 education system, many parents are eager to help their children find relevant courses for the DSE exam. But we all know that the key to achieve the best results in the further exams is having the best foundation of language skills. 

Therefore, Elite English provided the best courses for your children, our designed modules topics are mainly based on daily life and society, by means of “Chit-Chat Club” and “Let’s Write”, we would like to enhance students’ knowledge about English culture; meanwhile, stimulating their creative thinking and creative writing.

With our small class teaching style and English native speaking English teachers team, effectively creating the environment for learning English in order to enhance students’ confidence in speaking English. Through the face-to-face teaching style and interactions between teachers and students, each student will be improved in his or her pronunciation, use of grammar and vocabulary use, which can even be well prepared to face different challenges in the future.

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